Onyx Pageant Systems

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Onyx Pageant Systems provides personal development opportunities for young women through production of high quality competitions, holds to the highest standards of integrity and conducts all competitions in a fair and unbiased manner.


Onyx Pageant Systems is a vehicle for personal development and cultural appreciation. The program provides viable to the young  women through service and volunteerism.  It strives to recognize the intelligence, talent, moral character and personal commitment of its exceptional participants as they pursue excellence resulting in positive life experience, spirit and good will.



Emphasizing inner beauty, style, and cultural appreciation, The Miss Calendar Girl Pageant is a personal development opportunity for young women to begin in life adventures. The contestants who become part of The Miss Calendar Girl Pageant series, gain confidence and poise in an increasingly competitive world.  The pageant affords each delegate the opportunity to grow and advance her personal and career goals while acting as a role model in her community.